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Glaciers shrinking   Retroceso de los glaciares

         1946                           2003                          2006                            
                            A shrinking glacier in The Alps

The world’s glaciers are in retreat. But it’s the speed at which they’re melting which is causing scientists more alarm than ever. And it’s more evidence claims the UN that climate change is reshaping our environment. Today's report says that glaciers are now thawing at the fastest rate since records began. Between 1980 and 1999 they were shrinking by an average of 30 cm a year. In 2000 that had almost doubled to 50 cm. But the most recent data for 2006, reveals that glaciers are now shrinking at an annual rate of 1.4 meters. The reports authors describe this as an accelerating trend with no end in sight.

 This glacier in Norway is already fulfilling some of the worst predictions. It lost a third of a meter in 2005, more than 3 meters a year later. Experts claim that the world wide consequences are potentially catastrophic. Ranging from flooding in the short term, to drought in the long term.
 “As the glaciers shrink the amount of water in the streams will drop and this will have a dramatic implications for people who are dependent on the water that ultimately comes from those glaciers”.
 The UN is calling on political leaders to increase their efforts to combat global warming. It claims the fate of the glaciers is a warning to the world about the danger the environment is facing.

retreat > retirarse

melting  >  derretirse.

thawing > deshelar

rate > ritmo

shrinking > reducirse

trend > tendencia

with no end in sight > parece no tener fin

fulfilling  > cumplir, realizar
  This glacier in Norway is already fulfilling some of the worst predictions.
  Este glaciar en Noruega ya está cumpliendo algunas de las peores predicciones.
  However, we are still not fulfilling all the conditions.
  Sin embargo, aún no cumplimos todas las condiciones.

Ranging > Ranging from flooding in the short term, to drought in the long term. > Que van desde las inundaciones a corto plazo, a la sequía a largo plazo.
  The age range of the participants is from twenty to forty five.
  Los participantes tenían edades comprendidas entre los veinte  y los cuarenta y cinco  años.
  They have a wide range of cars.
  Tienen una gama muy amplia de coches.   
  He has a broad range of skills.
  Tiene una amplia gama de habilidades.
flooding > inundaciones

drought > sequia

in the short term > a corto plazo

in the long term > a largo plazo

streams > arroyos

drop > bajar, disminuir, descenso.
  The amount of water in the streams will drop.
  La cantidad de agua en los arroyos bajará
  They noticed a sudden drop in the temperature.
  Notaron un descenso repentino de la temperatura

increase > augmentar

fate > destino

facing > enfrentarse a
  Many workers at the factory are facing redundancy.
  Muchos trabajadores en la fabrica se enfrentan al despido.
  The company is facing enormous problems.
  La empresa se enfrenta a enormes problemas.

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