How many cows are there?

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Hello, from Roy. Today “How many” and “How much”

Part one

    How many?  

How many cows are there?  (¿Cuántas vacas hay?)
 3 cowsThere are three cows.  (Hay tres vacas.)

How many birds are there?   (¿Cuántas pájaros hay?
2 birdsThere are two birds.  (Hay dos pájaros.)

How many apples are there?
4 applesThere are four apples.

How many cars are there?  (¿Cuántos coches hay?)
 5 carsThere are five cars.    (Hay cinco coches)

How many bananas are there?
 6 bananas
There are six bananas.

How many babies are there?
 a lot of babies There are a lot of babies.
Part two

    How much?

How much cheese is there?
a lot of cheeseThere is a lot of cheese. - (Hay mucho queso)

How much milk is there?
a lot of milkThere is a lot of milk.     (Hay mucha leche)

How much bread is there?
a lot of bread
There is a lot of bread.      (Hay mucho pan)

How much ice cream is there?
a lot of ice creamThere is a lot of ice cream.

Bye bye.

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