Cars and the future.


Listening en inglés. Escuchar conversaciones  Will we still be driving cars in 100 years.

Matthew / England
I hope not. I hope if they are driving cars they are run on hydrogen or perhaps something else, electricity perhaps, but I really hope we don't use gasoline anymore.

Chris / England
No, I don't think so. I suppose it's projecting what  I want to do but I'm a big believer in public transport and I think as public transport systems get better and faster and more effective people will stop using their cars ‘cause they are gonna get more expensive, so when you get into economies of scale, people are gonna realize they're gonna save money by using public transport, mass transit and things like that so in about 100 years I suppose they will not be using cars that often.

Helen / Canada
Yeah, I think they'll drive cars but I think the technology will be much more efficient. Hopefully we won't be using oil anymore. Hopefully we'll be using a much cleaner energy like maybe electricity or even solar powered cars would be really cool but I think that's far off in the distant future.

Thomas / United States
In a 100 years, I don't think anybody drive. I think we'll either be flying or we'll be riding on trains or boats. I don't think cars are going to last much longer.

Lyndsay / United States
I think people will definitely drive cars in 100 years. I hope that the cars are more environmentally friendly. I do think that we're gonna have a gas shortage and an oil shortage and so therefore we're going to need to look for other methods to fuel a car, whether that be electricity or solar power or even vegetable oil. I don't know.

I hope not - espero que no
hope - esperar

run on / run by - (coche etc) funciona con

perhaps - quizá

gonna = going to

therefore - por lo tanto

shortage - escasez

whether that be electricity or solar power or even vegetable oil. I don't know. - ya sea electricidad o energía solar o incluso aceite vegetal. No se.

Both will and be going to can express the idea of a general prediction about the future.
  • Next  year will be a very interesting year.
  • Next  year is going to be a very interesting year.
  • Mr Jones will be the next President of the club.
  • Mr Jones is going to be the next President of the club.

Más informacion
Going to  a) planes que tenemos para el futuro b) hacer predicciones.
Future continuous - Tiene las estructura: Sujeto + will + gerundio. Tiene tres funciones

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