Ejercicios para adjetivos con preposiciones en ingles.

Ejercicios para adjetivos con preposiciones.

Completa las frases usando las preposiciones abajo. Escribe la preposición correspondiente en las casillas y luego pulse "Answer".

           to     from     about     on     at     of     by

Are you worried ______ the exam?

2) I’m very bad ______ remembering the names of people.

3) The children are really excited _____ going to Paris.

4) She’s not very keen _____ tennis.

5) The report is full _____ typing mistakes.   (report = informe)

6) She’s afraid _____ flying.

I’m not very good _____ drawing.

8) They were disappointed _____ / _____ the hotel.   (Hay dos posibilidades)

9) Thank you very much. It was very kind _____ you to help us paint the house.

10) New York is very different _____ / _____ London.   (Hay dos posibilidades)

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