Listening en inglés - Olive oil reduces the risk of suffering a stroke.

Many studies have demonstrated that people who use olive oil in their diet have fewer heart attacks. Now another new study has confirmed that olive oil also reduces the risk of suffering a stroke.

Scientists carrying out the study said they found that people who used olive oil in their cooking or as a salad dressing had lower stroke rates than people who never use it.

The scientists, who published their results in the medical journal Neurology, say people should be given new advice about their diets to include a wider use of olive oil.

A sample of 7,625 French people, aged 65 years and over were used in the study. Their use of olive oil ranged from none, in 23 percent, to moderate use in either cooking or salad dressing, in 40 percent, to intensive use in both cooking and salad dressing, in 37 percent. The participants mainly used extra-virgin olive oil, and the study controlled for stroke risk factors, such as high blood pressure, exercise, smoking and alcohol use.

During a nearly six year period, a total of 148 people suffered a stroke. But those who used olive oil the most had a 41 percent lower risk of having a stroke, compared to those who used none. The overall stroke rate was 1.5 percent for the olive oil users compared to 2.6 percent for the non users.

Olive oil is a key part of the Mediterranean diet, which is well known for being healthy. Thousands of years ago people called olive oil “liquid gold” and in ancient Greece, people used it as medicine.


1) suffering (from the verb to suffer) > una enfermedad - padecer.
  She suffers from asthma. - Ella padece de asma.

2) stroke > derrame cerebral

3) carrying out (from the phrasal verb carry out) > llevar a cabo

4) should / a modal verb > debería.  Se usa para dar consejos.

5) sample > muestra

6) a wider use of > un mayor uso de

7) ranged from... > Esto varió de...

8) such as = for instance > tal como, tales como, por ejemplo.

9) a key part of > una parte fundemental, / un elemento fundemental.
Olive oil is a key part of the Mediterranean diet. > El aceite de oliva es un elemento clave en la dieta mediterránea.

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