Ejercicios con non defining relative clauses.

Non-defining relative clauses.

Ejercicios para practicar inglés.

Elige entre  Which, who, whose, whom, where.

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1) Valencia is a very nice place.  It is on the Mediterranean coast.

2) John lives in France now.  He got married last year.

3) Jane is a good teacher.  I like Jane very much.

4) I bought a smartphone last week.  It takes great photos.

5) Toms father is 78.  He goes swimming every day.

6) Philips mother is Spanish.  He speaks Spanish and English fluently.

7) The Queen of England lives in Buckingham Palace.  It is in the centre of London.

8) The school was built in 1967.  It has about 1,000 students.

9) Sydney is the largest city in Australia.  It has a population of three million.

10) My uncle lives in Liverpool. He is coming to visit me next week.

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